Sunday, May 20, 2007

Birth Control and Acne

It's been a while since I've last posted anything but to be honest I have been going through a dermatological roller coaster! My skin was doing great with the Himalaya-Pimple-and-Acne-Cream-with-the-Jojoba as a moisturizer routine but as the hot days of summer approaches it is slowly going back to how it use to be: oily and broken out. Being the impatient person that I am I wanted something that was going to fix this problem quick, fast and in a hurry. So I resorted to something that I told myself I will never do again: Birth Control.

The nurse at the Planned Parenthood Clinic was very nice. I had been to this particular clinic the last time I was on the pill. However this was over two years ago and my file was deleted. Luckily I remembered what pill I used and was on my way home with a two month supply of Ortho Tri-cycln Lo. Within the first three days I saw immediate results. Just like the first time I used it my skin looked amazing. It was smooth and radiant. I absolutely loved it. then about 19 days into taking the pill my boyfriend's grandfather died suddenly and just like that my skin ruptured into a million (more like 7) huge zits. Now I'm rearing the last couple days of my second pack of pills and my face still has not cleared up. I am going back to the clinic on Tuesday to get more pills because I really believe that it can help my skin. I believe that the stress caused by my Nonno's death is what caused my severe breakout. Nonetheless I have returned to my beloved Himalaya Pimple Cream to ease the discomfort along my chin and jawline.

This severe break out really proves to me how much we need to take life easy. Stress kills and its effects on your skins can be very evident. Today my boss had a huge purple pimple right in the middle of her forehead. I have never ever seen her skin like that before. She has never seen her skin like that before. So being the cautious woman that she is she went to her doctor who informed her that the monstrosity on her face was caused by stress! Honestly I'm crossing my fingers that the breakout I experienced is caused by stress and not the pill because there are more perks to taking the pill besides smooth skin. (birth control hint hint). I will be beginning my third set of pills starting sometime next week. So I will continue to blog about acne and birth control in the next up coming post.


Anonymous said...

cheer up...

find some effective ways to manage your stress level and I believe everything will turn out bright and better

Anonymous said...

I think the pill is a no no area. I have struggled with pimples since when I was 12 years old and I have seen so many dermatologists that I now want to find a treatment for myself by mixing herbals.

Was planning to start blogging about my skin (and Body in general) when i came across afrobella then you.

I will soon and hopefully we'll find ways to DELETE our skin problems :-) Cheers

Ioana said...

I think you had a great idea for this blog. It's very useful for other people to get info about these kind of products.
How is the Himalaya acne'n'pimple cream after some months of using it? I am interested in trying it out and would very much appreciate some more info. I would also welcome any reviews you have on the Neem face pack.

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