Friday, March 9, 2007

The Secret to "Glowing" Skin Is...

...Jojoba Oil, yea I said it. That stuff is great. I have been using it for a couple weeks now and I have seen nothing but improvements. I did break out a little bit but it was near that time of the month and I always do during "that time of the month", but it went away in couple days.

Also remember to drink lots of water and take your vitamins. It only does you go in the end and makes your pee really yellow. Teehee.

Ooooooooh guess what....I GOT NEW PRODUCTS!!! From Himalaya Herbals, but you have to wait until I test them all for a review. Until then good health and glowing skin!


black girl said...

Thanks for posting on my site. Actually, from my understanding 300 is quite a-historical. Aside from the actual ways in which these wars went on between the Persian Empire and the Greek, it is interesting to me that somehow in history the Persians became "barbarians" in history when actually... quite literally Barbarians were European.

It is also completely explicit (if not from the trailer alone) that there is a quite historical (in terms of the racialization project here) representation of Persians as "freaks." I do not mean that Persians were/are freaks. But in the European imagination (from which the concept of white supremacy and race sprang, Persians, and other people of color are in fact viewed as freaks.

So in actuality there are many problems with it because it is not true.

Bless Up.

Dj said...

You see the problem that most people are having with this movie is that it is not meant to be a historical epic or anything like that. Its a fictional movie inspired by true events. No one is saying that it is historically correct because it was not. The Spartans by no means were pure people. A boy became a man when he killed a slave. if that not vicious i don't know what is. I just think that a lot of people need to relax. It was a great movie not a history lesson.