Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Clarisonic Face Brush

I was just over at afrobella.com when I read about the Clarisonic Face Brush. Afrobella herself credits this tool along with a regular cleaning system with Cetaphil as her breakthrough regime for healthy, acne-free skin. Long story short: I NEED THIS BRUSH! No joke. I just read the reviews for it on essentialdayspa.com. I am sold. I need one pronto. My birthday isn't for another two months and I can't afford to spend $195 on a face brush even if it means perfect skin.....or can I? We'll see. If I do get it I promise that I will share every step of it with you. I'm so excited and I don't even own one. If you have a Clarisonic Face Brush or have used the kit before can you please share your experience with us. We'd love to hear.


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Amelia said...

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Alaina said...

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